Dementia Care

Providing specialist support for people with Dementia and their families

Living with Dementia can be a very difficult and lonely experience for both the person with dementia and their loved ones.

If families need to talk and have questions they need an answer to, we’ll take the time to understand the problems and provide the support and compassion they need to tackle it.
If the person with Dementia is showing signs of fear or distress, we will work together with families and other professionals to find the best ways of preventing or managing this.

Our team has a Dementia Friends Champion, and all of our staff are Dementia Friends. We also offer Dementia awareness training and resources to both clients and their families.
Direct Care is registered with Dementia Friends and all of out staff have dementia training and are encouraged to become Dementia Friends.

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The team at Direct Care always respect the clients we care for, and all out staff are encouraged signed up to become Dignity in Care Champions. We make sure that peoples dignity and respect are at the heart of our everyday practice.

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